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Toward A Better Life Podcast

Dec 7, 2022

Hello everyone this is Kevin Pennell and welcome to this episode of Toward A Better Life.  The holiday season, often a joy for most, can be challenging for many who face trauma.  Trauma can engender deep and difficult feelings from past experiences.  This episode may seem unusual for the holiday season, but I believe it’s important for those that may face challenges associated with trauma.  Please note the we’ll be discussing PTSD and CPTSD in this episode which may be difficult for some to hear, so listener discretion is advised.  At the same time, I’d like to assure you, there are answers and resources available for those that are facing trauma and seeking support to overcome that trauma. Charles Smith is a life long survivor from several traumas and now finds his life filled with a sense of thankfulness as he helps others overcome their traumas through counseling and offering them their needed support.  Join me as Charles Smith and I talk about Healing From Within.