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Toward A Better Life Podcast

Dec 20, 2022

Hi everyone and welcome to this holiday edition of Toward A Better Life.  This is Kevin Pennell.  I’m so glad you’re listening and I’m excited for to be tuned in as I’m welcoming Krystal Jakosky to join me once again.  This season is so magical for several reasons.  That said, how do you prepare for the holidays, buying gifts, making travel plans to get away or going loved ones?  No matter Krystal and I are talking about how you, your family, loved ones, and friends can all create a joy-filled and magical time this holiday season, no matter if it’s you or if it’s among many.  This is going to be a great episode that we, Krystal and I, are sure you’ll enjoy.  Settle back and enjoy The Universe is Speaking Are You Listening starting right now on Toward A Better Life!

Learning how to own your shit isn’t an instant shift. Like any new skill, it’s something that must be intentional and uncomfortable before it can ever become second nature. To help you practice this new muscle, we’ve created Intro to You: an Online Course from Krystal Jakosky – a teacher and writer based in Boulder County, Colorado.